Uninstall and reinstall 10.5 pro

cannot find detailed instructions for windows 10 - Im sure its here somwhere can I get some help? TIA

Just download it and install.

What’s your question?

do I need to uniinstall first? I hadn’t opened the download assistant in a while and need to dump some stuff that I shouldn’t have downloaded in the first place thinking I owned it (the download assistant) shows many things that I dont own and it ended up on my c drive (Groove Agent 5 stuff) for some unknown reason, my target download folder switched to the c drive and I downloaded gigs of stuff there

The Download assists in downloading but is not a list of the software that’s installed on your computer.

Do you understand the distinction between having downloaded content saved on your hard drive, and software that has been installed?

thank you for that - how do I open the library manager please, nm found it, deleting erroneous files may not need a reinstall after all - thanks for the help

actually, I think I should uninstall prior to reinstall, would like a clean version that isn’t rife with error messages when I open the program…should I use the windows uninstaller?