Uninstall Cubase 6 procedure?

How do I uninstall Cubase 6? I want to be safe and not wind up deleting my USB eLicence.

I installed CB6 and must have unchecked the option of installing HALion Sonic SE, so the only way to install it is to remove CB6 and reinstall CB6.

I don’t think it would delete you license but if you want to be safe pop out the dongle before uninstalling C6.

Is there not a separate installer on the DVD for Halion sonic SE ?

There is a separate installer of Halion Sonic, at least there is for 32 bit.
I had to run the extra installers as my XP sp3 system wouldn’t run off the autorun from the DVD so I had to instal everything ‘manually’

I don’t see a separate installer for Halion Sonic SE so I’m assuming it was an option to install when installing C6.
I probably thought it was another demo and decided not to install it.

Gonna uninstall C6 and reinstall, hoping I don’t screw anything up.

you don’t need to uninstall C6, just run the installer again, but click the “customize” button on the second window (the first one is the one with the welcome-message). There you’ll see all available items to install/uninstall. Halion Sonic SE being one of them.

Thanks, too late, already unistalled re-installed C6.
Now I have Halion Sonic SE but no HalionOne?

dirkpiano’s suggestion worked now I really need to locate HalionOne content

Grabbed from another thread:

HALion ONE: This VST Instrument is no longer installed by default and has been replaced by the VST 3 instrument HALion Sonic SE. If you have Cubase 5 or Sequel still installed on your system, HALion ONE will be available in Cubase 6. If you install Cubase 6 with no prior Cubase 5 or Sequel installation available on the system, HALion ONE will be unavailable.

However, you may want to install it if you want to load Cubase or Sequel projects using it, or if you use content sets requiring this VST instrument (e.g. VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers).

To install HALion ONE, start the Cubase installer via the Cubase Start Center from DVD, use the “Customize” button and enable HALion ONE. Please note that even though HALion ONE and its content will be available after that, no VST presets will be installed! It is just provided to ensure project compatibility. Please change to HALion Sonic SE for creating new projects. The HALion ONE sound library has been included in HALion Sonic SE, so none of your favorite sounds are lost.

You can get the VST presets for HALion ONE in Cubase 6 by following the procedure described in the Knowledge Base.

Thanks everyone, I decided I didn’t need Halion One. :arrow_right: