uninstall Dorico 3.5 Win 10


I recently put my Dorico 3.5 license on an elicenser so I could install and use Dorico on my Win10 machine. Dorico started up ok but wouldn’t let me install the Halion sounds because I already have them installed in cubase 11, I installed note performer and got some sound out of it but after trying the bbcso template (which wouldn’t work at all) it would freeze on opening and then not open at all. I tried to install the Halion sounds again but not luck and then Cubase 11 wouldn’t open and there was a license warning. Cubase 11 was able to start up again after a restart of the PC.
Should I completely uninstall Dorico and try to reinstall? Whats the proper way to uninstall on Win 10 if so ? I’ve attached the error message.


Try using the Steinberg Library Manager to see if you can use it to link your HALion (from Cubase) to Dorico.

There is no need to reinstall Dorico. Choose ‘Edit > Preferences’ and then the ‘VST Plug-ins’ tab and scroll down. Press the button ‘Reset Audio Engine Data’, close the dialog and restart Dorico.
Does it then recognize the HSO sounds. If still not, please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and attach the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Hi Ulf,

Dorico won’t open now, it just hangs “waiting for connection”. It did leave a couple of crash dump files earlier which I’ll attach here.

Archive.zip (273 KB)

Thanks for the data. It shows that Dorico’s audio engine is crashing in the copy protection code.
Do you have your license on the Soft-eLicenser or USB-eLicenser? If on the latter, is it always plugged in properly.
What version of eLicenser Control Center are you running? Try running the Maintenance Task and see if Dorico behaves differently afterwards.

Hi Ulf

Im using a Steinberg USB e licenser, I ran the maintenance and it opened the first time, I closed it and tried to open again and it said “audio engine died” then tried again and it opened. Noteperformer works but Halion says “Some Audio files are missing.Please check installation” How do I do that ? also it has the Spitfire BBCSO as a blocked plugin, should I allow it ?


For the missing sound files, did you download and install the 9GB sound installer package?
BBCSO should be fine, so you can try to unblock it and see how it behaves with you.
But we also had some crash reports where BBCSO brought down the audio engine, so there is no guaranteed for always smooth operation with it.
Also make sure you use the latest BBCSO version.

hi Ulf

after installing Dorico I ran the HalcionSonicSE installer but got a message that its already installed with Cubase, just tried again and It seems to have done the job. thanks for the help!