Uninstall Elements 7 before installing Artist 8 ?

I purchased Cubase Artist 8 (upgrade from Elements AI 7 - which was itself upgrade from AI)

I also purchased a USB-e-licenser and transfered the licences to it as described.

Have downloaded (but not installed yet) Artist - I notice it is over 9 GB (while Elements was barely 2.4 GB), so I guess it’s not just matter of entering an activation key to unlock…

Now, how should I proceed : first uninstall Elements before proceeding to installing Artist ? Or just install (over ?) - space is a concern on a 500 GB SSD, so if I can also avoid ‘‘side by side’’ installs, cool …

I’m on Mac OS X 10.8.5 on one machine, and 10.10 on the MacBook Pro.


If you don’t want both programs on the computer… uninstall the old program before installing the new one.


You can have multiple Versions of Cubase on one machine.
You can even run them at the same time without any problems if you need/want to.
I have C6, C7, C8 and C elements7 on my machine. (mac)

The good thng about C7 elements is, that you don’t need a dongle.
I would keep it on your machine, just in case you have no dongle at hand…