Uninstall help

One area that seems especially weak to me in regard to Cubase installation system (Steinberg download assistant & eLicenser) is the lack of explanation and functionality. Download assistant shows tons of software with no explanation of what it is, or links to that explanation, and no indication of what has or has not been purchased. As I installed Cubase, then, I’m flying blind… no idea if “optional” content is something free with Cubase or something I would have to purchase separately and I wound up installing a number of add ons that had only trial licenses.

Now Cubase is griping on startup that I have missing licenses. There is a “More Details” button that sends me to Support, but nothing there in regard to uninstalling items with missing licenses! Steinberg help was also zero help. They told me to simply search for the unwanted program by name and delete them. But ‘programs’ such as “Alternative Essentials,” "Colliding Worlds, “Metal Essentials,” etc.,… do not appear by those names anywhere on my Mac. And there seems to be no posts in support about uninstalling such optional content.

Can anyone here let me know where to find these programs? Or guide me to some steinberg help files on this topic?

BTW the Waves installer system is great… Steinberg should take a cue from them. Their eLicenser and Download Assistant are integrated. It shows what is installed on the machine, the license status and offers links to get more information for any item… and amazingly, the link actually work! It would be nice in the Steinberg would offer the same functionality. Right now, it’s clear as mud with no obvious place to find answers. And that’s a problem because the software is complex and interrelated.