? Uninstall Wavelab 7.1 to Install Wavelab 7.2 64 bit

My DAW is 64 bit Win 7 OS and I have no projects where I am using the 32bit version of Wavelab 7.1.

  1. So, I don’t clutter up my machine with redudant Wavelab 7 versions, can I just delete (uninstall) 7.1 and then just install Wavelab 64 bit 7.2?

  2. If yes…should I use the Wavelab uninstaller or Windows (remove program).

  3. And lastly, if I install Wavelab 64 bit would I remove the iLok for the install of Wavelab 7.2 or does it not matter.



Hi all!

I’ve had installed the 7.1(32bit) Version on my DAW.
Now I’ve installed the new 7.2 (64bit) Version.
Can i uninstall (delete) the old 32bit Version now?
Anyone who knows?


Better don’t, or simply erase the folder.

Smiley got my original question side-tracked.

Could someone answer my original questions regarding the install of 64 bit and un-install of 32 bit.


I think PG’s reason for saying “don’t” is that the uninstall might take out some registry stuff that’s shared with the 64-bit version. I would expect that if you uninstall the 32-bit version first and then install the 64-version, there will be no such problem.

(also) Paul

This has never sat well with me…wouldn’t a direct erase of a folder simply orphan all the Wavelab 32bit registry keys? If I am going to be removing an app correctly - I want everything gone…not just the folder and files…



That’s exactly what I was thinking; and not just registry keys, but also shortcuts, start menu entries etc. - it seems a bit of a rough method…

Luck, Arjan

This then goes back to my original question:

  1. If I uninstall my 32 bit version completely and then install the 7.2 64 bit version…wouldn’t all the files be installed including the registry files (from the fresh install of the 7.2 64 bit version). Or does the 64 bit version need to have some of the 32 bit files already in place?

Any other comments?

The 64 bit version does not need any file from the 32 bit installation.

Understood - but I do not want any 32bit leftovers - either (shortcuts,folders etc) on my drive or in the registry - so what is the correct method of getting this right? Uninstall Wavelab via Add/Remove Programs or?


Yes you can use the uninstaller.


I am using Mac Lion and have downloaded Wavelab 7.2 but I only seem toi have the 32 bit version unless the 64 bit version is elsewhere and i don;t know where to find it. I recently moved from windows to mac so maybe I just don’t know where to look

Anybody out there can help?

I’d really appreciate it!



On Windows, 2 programs are necessary. On Mac, the two programs are merged into one. To use the 64 bit version, show the Info dialog and uncheck “32 bit”…