Uninstalled Dorico 4 Pro, Forgot to Deactivate First

Two days ago I purchased an upgrade from Dorico 4 Pro to Dorico 5 Pro. I decided I wanted to start with as clean an installation as possible on my Windows 11 machine, so I first uninstalled Dorico 4 and all its components, before commencing the install of Dorico 5.

Only once I’d done so, I remembered that I had not de-activated Dorico 4 before the uninstall.

Does this mean I have one of my Dorico 4 licences still “active”, even though I have uninstalled the software? Would this prevent me from re-installing? Or does the uninstall program automatically de-activate the software?

How can I find out, and what can I do to redeem that installation instance, if it is indeed still active?

You can deactivate it from the My Steinberg website.

Just install the new release via the Download Assistant, launch the Activation Manager and login using your mail id. It will show the active version.

Alternatively you can do this via the Steinberg Support pages

Thanks Juergen, I’d spotted that, but it felt a bit extreme, as:

a) The computer is not “unavailable”, all I did was uninstall Dorico 4 Pro without first deactivating it

b) I now have Dorico 5 Pro on the same machine, and don’t want to deactivate that!

Think I’ll play safe for now and leave things as they are! :slight_smile:

Thanks Ben,

Think I am sorted now!

best, Brian

You no longer have a Dorico 4 licence once you update to Dorico 5 - your Dorico 4 licence is replaced by a Dorico 5 licence (which allows the use of Dorico 4). You want your Dorico 5 licence active to use Dorico 5 - so there is nothing to deactivate in your scenario.

You can activate and deactivate products that are not installed using Steinberg Activation Manager. As @benwiggy noted, there is also the facility to deactivate on My Steinberg if you cannot deactivate on Steinberg Activation Manager.

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Thank you David - I consider this issue solved! :slight_smile: