Uninstalled & sold HALion but license error shows when loading Cubase


I just sold HALion 6 and the USB eLicenser. I have uninstalled everything named “HALion” and “HALion Sonic” in Windows Apps, unregistered the dongle from MySteinberg-account etc.

However I get this error message when starting Cubase and it seems uninstalling wasn’t enough to remove all content?

Some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing, or time-limited licenses have expired.

HALion Sonic Factory Program Preset 01
HALion Sonic Factory Program Preset 02
VST3 Presets for HS3

Find out more on how to activate your time-limited licenses permanently, or remove expired licenses.

I found the Steinberg Library Manager and uninstalled everything there as well.
But now, I get hundreds of these messages each time I start Cubase:
VST Sound Library “HALion XXXXXXXX Program Presets” not found.

I also still get “Some content missing” regarding "VST3 Presets for Anima, …, " …

So I went to the hidden folder C:\Users\daw\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\ and removed everything “HALion”.
Still get the same messages.

It seems to be really hard to uninstall HALion 6 and its content??

Update: I still get “Some content missing” regarding “VST3 Presets for Anima, …,” each time I open Cubase.

Can’t find these presets under “VST3 Presets” in my Documents or else where.

I’ll answer myself again.

I managed to find some files under C:\Users\daw\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\ which seems to be the presets (not all of them though). I deleted the ones I thought where right and then chose “Remove” when Cubase asked what to do.

The error messages is now gone.

There is a free version of a program called ‘Everything’ which I used to find every instance of something that exists on the computer and then I started deleting them one by one and I got rid of everything