Uninstalling Cubase without Original Installer Files

I am facing a problem with uninstalling Cubase from my computer since I no longer have the original installer files. Unfortunately, I had a system crash and lost all my installation files, and now I need to uninstall Cubase for some troubleshooting.

I have tried using the standard Windows uninstallation process, but it prompts me to locate the installer files, which I do not have. I also searched online for alternative solutions or uninstallers specifically designed for Cubase, but haven’t found a reliable option.

If anyone has encountered this issue before or has any suggestions on how to successfully uninstall Cubase without the original installer files, please share your insights. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Have a look here

Thank you for the detailed instructions. I’ve checked the Download Assistant’s download area, and unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the .msi file on my system. However, I followed your guidance on reinstalling, and indeed found the Zip file in the specified path. After extraction, I located the msi package in “D:\Stage\Steinberg\WIN64\Cubase 12.0.70 - Application (required)\Cubase_12.0.70_Installer_win64.zip\Cubase 12\Additional Content\Installer.” I’ll now copy the msi file to the error message’s location and attempt the uninstallation again. Your assistance is much appreciated. If there are any further recommendations or steps, please let me know.