Uninstalling earlier version of Cubase

I only use Cubase 10.5 now on Win10, but the system still has Cubase 9.5 installed.

Can I safely uninstall Cubase 9.5 without damaging any content such as plugs, samples, etc.

Should I do this from the Win settings/Apps, or is there a better way?

Please don’t guess the answer. Only respond if you’ve done this. I really don’t want to break my CB10.5 which is working perfect. But I would like to get rid of Cubase 9.5 for reasons I wont go into.


I am wondering the same thing. Please forgive me for tagging myself into this question. My only difference is that I have Cubase 8, 9, and 10 installed :slight_smile:

Yes, you can remove previous versions. Personally i always keep the previous version for safety.
I use the Windows uninstall route.

Thanks for that. So doing it that way, do you find it doesn’t remove or damage VSTs and content which cane with the earlier version? That’s my main concern.


I have never lost any content to my knowledge, no.