Uninstalling Nuendo 8


Since Nuendo 10, I kept N8 installed (I’m confident in Steinberg, but…). It’s time to leave N8 now, and I wonder if I can uninstall N8 without risk of damaging N10. Did some of you have any experience about this ?


If you’ve used the standard install method (everything in the default place), then it shouldn’t be any problem.

That being said, there is no real reason for uninstalling Nuendo 8, it hardly takes up any space …


Thank you Fredo.

Hi Jean Michel B !

To get a comprehensive uninstall of anything on my computer, I use “Find Any File” available on the App Store.

This ultra simple, cheap app will reveal every file related to any search you enter. It is far, far better and complete than Spotlight.

Therefore, for each of my older Nuendo or Cubase version that I don’t need anymore, I enter “Nuendo 8” (as in your example) then it displays an extensive list of all Nuendo 8 related files. Then you can select which you keep and which you delete.


That looks pretty dangerous to me.
A lot of files are placed in common folders, which means that they are used bu all versions of Nuendo.


This is exactly why I opened this thread. I stay away from this kind of software and method.

I understand your fear and I guess to each its own. But to be helpful, this software is really useful, it’s a bit sad to dismiss that fast.

Find Any File is different from “cleaning” softwares like App Cleaner, etc… Nothing is automatically chosen or erased.

It simply opens a list of files titles including the exact words you enter. Also each files is linked to its location / folder on your HD.

  1. This displays everything related to your search but 2) it shows you where and what it is. You only pick relevant files. And if relevance is questionnable, you leave it there.

I am pretty sure you would easily make the difference between what’s placed in common folders and what’s specific.

Neverthless, using this method, I have cleaned my system since N7 without any issues.

Thanks Otto, I finally solved with a drastic solution : I changed my computer and made a new install from scratch :mrgreen:

I had some issues because my iMac was a little bit old and couldn’t handle sessions with video anymore without freezes of images.

That is an excellent drastic solution ! :slight_smile: