Uninstalling Pro 10, before Pro 10.5 install

Hi All,

Looking to upgrade to 10.5 Pro from 10, but my SSD cant handle both at same time (not enough space)
During the Cubase 9 to 10 upgrade, I kept 9 until I knew 10 was running well.
I’m wondering if I will encounter any problems if I simply use Windows uninstaller to remove 10, free up the drive space, and install 10.5
(Any liscence issues with plugins etc that I need to worry?)
Sorry if this is super-noob question.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

no problems with the licenses. that is handled by your USB licenser so it will be no problem. All you have to do is activate the 10.5 license once and it will work on any Cubase 10 installation on any computer as long as you plugin in your usb

awesome news! thanks for the fast response Glenn :smiley: