Uninstalling SL7 BUT will SL8 work with ARA?

Just thinking of uninstalling Spectral layers 7 from my comp BUT will Spectral layers 8 work In Cubase ARA instead of 7 , just want to make sure first .

Have you tried the SL8 demo?

Hi Poinzy , i have both 7 and 8 pro installed and just wondering will it disturb anything to do with thew ARA if i uninstall SL7 pro ?

Just edited the title as it chopped off the last bit lol

I don’t know whether this is relevant or not, but I used SL7 in ARA mode in Reaper just fine, but after I uninstalled SL7 and installed SL8, Reaper claimed it couldn’t find the SL8 ARA path. I just gave up after a while and have since used SL8 exclusively as an auxiliary editor. I still don’t know why ARA quit working.

Ahhh ok , so to be on the safe side it’s better to leave SL7 installed . Thanks for the info , unless i can get a confirmation that’s it’s safe to do so i’ll leave it as it is


you have to just reinstall and everything still works as it should, no issue its just 2 progarms

To be clear, the last installed version takes control of ARA. If you had projects edited with SL7 ARA, they should open just fine with SL8 ARA.

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Reaper might have screwed up their ARA support somehow. Mine might not be a typical scenario.

Ok Thanks Robin