Uninstalling Tools for CI2 on Mac

Can anybody tell me how to completely uninstall Tools for CI2 from my Mac, i.e. both the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver and the CI2 extension? I’ve had a hunt on the Web but can’t find anything. I’ve just bought a Duet, so will be selling the CI2



How s the Duet compared with ci2? Im just about to send my Duet back and cahnge it to ci2 cause im out of firewires on my mbp and only have one usb left:P also ci2 has some interesting hands-on options with cubase.Anyway i havent tried Duet with cubase yet cause cubase is coming next month. Can you give any suggestions, is it reasonable send it back?Altough im not recording much im still concerned about how big audio quality dif is there?preamps?cheers!