Uninstalling VST sound sets on MAC


I’ve been searching these forums for an explanation for how to uninstall VST Sound Sets from Steinberg on the MAC.

I’ve HAVE read all the information that Steinberg has offered on how to uninstall these pesky things on the MAC, but there seem to be a miss somewhere…

Earlier today I downloaded the trial for Allen Morgan Drums 1 on my mac and tried it out for a bit. It wasn’t what I was looking for… So, I tried to remove it from my hard drive, but I can’t find the files! I’ve looked in the users library, I’ve looked everywhere where the FAQ:s told me to, but I can’t find them.

WHY does it have to be so hard to uninstall these things? Why can’t Steinberg do some sort of uninstall script that comes along with the install??

Please don’t tell me about pages like this:
I’ve read them, and they’re not helpful. :wink:

Grateful for any and all help I can get.