Uninstalling Waves Soundgrid (or stop it launching automatically)

Cubase 11.5 on Catalina MacBook.
I know this is a cross platform question, but since updating/activating/DLing all Waves plugins, this reeeeally pesky Waves Soundgrid Studio is auto launching (no, it’s not listed in login menu).
The Waves uninstall is a bit ambiguous (only choice in Maintenance/Uninstall relating to it is “Applications & Soundgrid I/O Drivers.”)
I’d prefer to do it at Waves Central
(as opposed to the systemically unrecognized manual uninstall)
but was wondering if anyone else has contended with this ankle-biter!

There is a checkbox in Soundgrid Studio to auto launch. It’s not obvious at first and is located on the Setup page.