Unintentional erasing of midi

I have a midi track and I wanted to rerecord the second half (more or less) of the song for said track. So I set the cursor to the desired spot and hit record. (also I have a one measure click for Count in.)
Alas, it erased the midi data for the measure before the spot where I started my reRecording.
I have midi record mode set on replace.
Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
Rookie here.

Artist to 10.5
Windows 10


Obviously the Record Mode is wrong. When it’s set to Replace, it deletes the old data and replace them by the new one.

But why would it erase Data from the measure BEFORE the point where I started rerecording?
That is not obvious to me.

I’m still hoping to get an answer to this question.
To rephrase:
If I punch in at the fourth beat of measure 37, why should the first three beats of measure 37 be erased? I’m talking about a midi track, with a no note holds extending into the punch in section.


I have just tried this. And I can confirm your observation.

Once you hit Record, Cubase creates a MIDI Part, which starts at the place, where doe the Count-In starts. If the MIDI Record Mode is set to Replace then all data from the beginning of this new MIDI Part are overwritten.

The Snap MIDI Parts to Bars setting in Edit > Preferences > Record > MIDI seems to affect this behaviour as well.

That is, if I disable it, recording with a count-in doesn’t erase data, even if I have MIDI Recording Mode set to Replace. Unless I’m misunderstanding something in this issue.

Thank you both for your replies.
I haven’t had a chance to experiment with the snap feature yet. When I do I’ll let you know what happens.