Unintuitive behaviour: Filtering Notes in Chords containing unisons


As with more or less everything in Dorico, I realize it might be a logical reason behind this behaviour that I don’t see, but since I don’t see it, I might as well mention it and hope for either a consideration of change or an explanation of the underlying reason.

When using the “Notes in Chords” filter function, unison notes are considered to be the same note and the notes below are therefore applied a lower top-to-bottom-order number (very uncertain of the correct terminology here…).

This is an example of the result when applying the “Second Note or Single Notes” filter on a passage containing unisons:

Since a common user case is to extract a single voice from a condensed homophonic passage with a fixed number of voices, I would rather expect this result from the same procedure:

Dorico Unintuitive Behaviour Filter Notes In Chords 2.png
Dorico Unintuitive Behaviour Filter Notes In Chords 1.png

Yes, I agree that what Dorico does is unhelpful here. It cannot currently reliably distinguish between two notes of the same pitch in these operations. It’s on our backlog to be improved in future.

I see! Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile: