UnionPay store option urgently needed!

Since VISA and Mastercard not working in Russia and Belarus, UnionPay cards is the only option for many people to buy online. PLease, add support for UnionPay cards to Steinber online store! It’s urgently needed!

Stop the war, that’s urgently needed.


Are you kidding?

please, don’t make yourself look stupid as you do it now. If you don’t have something to say about adding UnionPay, then go away. I didn’t ask you to write about politics here. You started it.

The request itself is political…
since the addition of UnionPay would bypass the sanctions from the world outside Russia.

sure is

also, ain’t gonna happen

Forget politics, this is humanitarian, the reason they don’t work in these countries is because the entire free world abhors the killing of civilians and wants nothing to do with the military powers of these countries.

It is unfortunate that Russian and Belarusian people experience some inconvenience as a result, but at least nobody’s dropping bombs on your grandparents.

Let’s remember why we make music, and let all musicians, from all countries, unite in the call for an end to this senseless killing.


Another model could be that Users buy the software but Bugs & Features are put into accounts with a set dollar amount that license owners can pay into in order to vote with their money so to speak

When the budget is met for an item it’s worked on until completion. though for that the Initial price of the product needs to come down significantly and change control should also be voted on the same way. It would become the user’s software more and more.

Probably not Steinberg’s marketing team’s idea of a good time though if user’s unanimously opt for stuff that will not move more units over making existing customers happy.