Unis for strings in group

Dear users and developers,

A composition I am working on is for a string ensemble, but some players should play additional percussion. So I have set up the score and parts as follows:

I should provide a condensed score and parts, but they are not made for strings. This is, of course, due to the non-standard instrumentation.
Could there be an ingenious trick to having a condensed score and parts that follow the convention of string instruments? The main problem is “a 5”, “a4” etc. They should be “unison”, but I cannot have them automatically because I did not use “Change Divisi”, but I could not use it because of the additional instruments for first violins 3 and 4 and viola 3.

So it’s actually string sections, but some players need to play campane as well. You could try using section players with solo divisis placed under the main section. You’ll need to adjust staff labels and such, and with independent voice playback, you can assign bell sounds to those solos. Or do you want the campane on 1-line staves? That would be hard to do.
Other option: just define extra campane players, and incorporate them in the violin/viola parts.

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I would also recommend having section players for strings, as normal, with a separate player for each campana as needed.

The string parts can contain the music of multiple players.

You’ll just need to handle any instrument change warnings manually this way. Depending on how often the strings switch, this might be a bit of a faff. However, as Dorico can only condense the first instrument held by a player, this will probably result in the neatest result overall.

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Thank you for your kind replies! Of course, giving the additional instruments to the dedicated players is the best and usual way. However, this is not possible at the moment, as some players in the string parts are supposed to play these instruments.

I should probably use “section players” and manually add the instrument change via staff text when using “Change Divisi…”.

Surely you could just create a part layout that includes both campane and string for those players that need it (as @PjotrB suggested)? Use hide empty staves to save space.

@PjotrB’s suggestion is very good for part layouts. In the full score, however, I could not place these instruments within the string parts. Is there a way to do it?

They would be on separate staves in the score, but you can use hide empty staves to hide whichever one isn’t playing in a given system. If the parts overlap within the same system, then this method doesn’t allow for staff sharing, the way that instrument changes do.

In Setup, set the sort order to none. Then you can move the percussion players next to the appropriate string players.