Unison chords in different voices

Is there a way to make the noteheads of the two voices on the fourth beat of the attached bar overlap?

Under notation options I found how to make half notes overlap with eighth notes and dotted notes overlap with undotted, but not quarters with eighths…

Hi Dannemoller.

You should check Notation options (cmd/ctrl-shift-N), voices category. There are a bunch of nice options there that might help you.

Thanks, those were the options I mentioned in my initial post, however none of them seems to affect this example unfortunately.

You are right, sorry for overlooking this a bit.
You can locally achieve your goal in Engrave mode. Select the 8th notes (ac) in your second voice, open the properties panel and enable voice column index. Put it at 1 and both voices will overlap there.
Hope it helps.

Thanks, I will try that!

I don’t understand Dorico’s behaviour in this instance though. If it’s intended or a bug somehow. It works just fine when both voices simply contain a single note (as in my new attachment), but obviously not when both voices contain two notes. Shouldn’t it work the same way in both cases?

Dorico won’t allow two noteheads to overlap because it doesn’t look very clear with both stems extending to the outermost note in both directions on either side of the noteheads. It ends up looking like a big black blob, and it’s hard to tell at a glance which notes are actually to be played by which voice/player.

Thanks Daniel. That makes sense to me…

Of course, that makes sense!