"Unison" chords in opposing voices

I would just point out that maybe it would be a good idea to extend the setting that allow unison in opposing voices to overlap, to apply also to “unison” chords. For example:

By the way, is there any way to approach this in an optimized manner? Thanks again.

If this chord was stacked vertically then setting the Voice Column Index of both voices to “0” would fix this:

For chords like the one you’ve got, where the notes aren’t vertically aligned, I can’t think of a good automated fix for the moment - you’ll need to manually space the notes.

I’d speculate that the reason that this rule (and the Voice Column Index adjustment) doesn’t work for chords like this, is that in many cases, chords are stacked differently dependent on whether the stems are up or down.

For example:

Ok. Thank you very much, it makes sense!

It’s true that the note stacking may depend on the stem directions, but for practical purposes you only need ONE note head on the cross staff beam, to align it with the chord.

I suppose ultra-pedantic contrapuntalists might disagree, but they will have to live with adjacent chords :slight_smile:

Is this case the same thing? I’m looking for a way to avoid ‘duplicate’ noteheads like this:

But can’t find anythin in Notation Options. At the moment, I either have to change the voice column manually, or delete one of the notes.
Screenshot 10.png

There’s no option to make those notes overlap (I might meekly suggest quite rightly), so you do indeed need to handle this situation yourself.

Thank you Daniel!