Unison section in choral piece

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I’m writing a choral piece for SATB + piano. There are sections where all vocal parts sing in unison - is it possible to switch onto a unison stave for these sections, and hide the SATB staves?


Yes – you could either add a separate “unison” player in Setup mode, write music on that staff where needed, hide empty staves in the layout, and then make sure that the casting off matches where you’re using SATB staves vs the unison staff (ie have system breaks at the start/end of the unison section).

Or, use one section player for the entire piece and use divisi/unison to control the number of staves and their labelling throughout.

You can also write out the unison material on each of the SATB staves and use condensing, but sometimes complexities with lyrics don’t work so well with that feature.

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Hello, I felt sure I had replied to this, but no reply is showing here, apologies. Thanks for the the advice, which has worked very well. Do you know how I can hide the Unison stave from the first page?