Unison voice question

I wonder if anyone can help me with this. I have a passage I am arranging for guitar tuned to DADGAD. The melody voice is playing an A and the middle voice also an A. I need them both played on guitar so in the tab I need an open second string and the third string fretted at fret 2. However only one voice is showing. If I make them all one voice it seems to work but I don’t want that represented musically. How do I force the unisons played on different strings and have that appear in the tab?

You should be able to select the notes individually by selecting their stems, then activate the String property to specify which string each one should be played on.

Thanks Daniel, I was trying that but it seems to be a bit quirky. I have managed to get it to work.

It’s a bit quirky. I found that if I entered the first note via the notation staff then, the other via the tab staff, it didn’t work. But if I entered both via the tab staff it did.
So, on string 2 enter 0 in up-stem voice. Move to string 3 and enter 2 in downstem voice.

That’s interesting Craig. Thanks for that tip. My middle voice ‘A’ was an afterthought :slight_smile: I found that by selecting the middle voice ‘A’ stem and place that on the 3rd string, I could then select the upper voice stem which I was able to put on the 2nd string. Didn’t work the other way around strangely. I have noticed on some of my other tunes that Dorico automatically selects different strings for me on unison notes. At least for the most part.