Unisono and cautionary accidentials

I noticed some strange behaviour in the automatic unisono / divisi staff function.
Here is the screenshot of the score from bar 342 onwards:

now please have a look, what happens in the part layout in the Second Dessus, lots of unwanted cautionary accidentals:

I can make the cautionary accidentals invisible, if I remember to check my part layout for these mistakes.
But I also notice notes with missing accidentals, like here (the b):
Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-28 um 09.19.52

Also these accidentals were shown in the part layout despite them not been visible in the score and Properties had been propagated from score to part layouts:

I’ve seen this problem before. It seems the lower Divisi staff doesn’t ‘see’ the Key Sig. What I did was create a local Key Sig (Alt-Enter) on the lower Divisi staff and the problem corrected itself.


Thanks Craig, that’s a good workaround.
This behaviour will be corrected internally at some point, I hope.
…I have to confess, I am still on version 4.1 and will do the update to 4.2 the next month.

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