Unite and Conquer (Soundtrack)

It’s a soundtrack and the first part could be a about a disaster and the second part -from min 00:50- about uniting (rebuilding the houses together or something like people helping each other…)
I made this piece using piano and Iranian instruments …
All feedback are welcome :slight_smile:
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Edited the intro a bit
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Hi Massoomi, this is a really nice piece. I love the way you transitioned from 3/4 to 4/4. I also loved the Iranian instruments. I’m assuming you played them? I was also thinking that once you got into 4/4, you could have developed a second melody possibly in a second key to make it longer. This one is worth further investment of your time. Thanks for sharing. I know it’s somewhat dead around here, which is too bad, considering such good stuff being posted as yours.

Hi, I have examined the Tar and Santur when my friends would let me touch their instruments but I haven’t played them professionally haven’t examined Setar at all but There are good VSTs that have awesome quality for Iran’s instruments. I’m glad you liked my piece, always looking forward to read your views my friend . I did go to a new melody on minute 1:25 and came back to the original melody but I’m assuming you mean a third melody in another key?
Thanks :slight_smile: