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I’m a theory and composition professor, and I’d like to submit a proposal to the Dean at my university to shift our notation software to Dorico Pro. To strengthen the case, I’m wondering if there is a running list of universities and colleges who use Dorico as their principal notation software.

Also, are there Dorico Pro instruction certification programs that I might pursue to become a licensed instructor? It seems likely that before the Dean would sign off on a switch, he’d need assurances of ample opportunity for high-level Dorico instruction for students.

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Joshua Stamper

Certified training link

Thank you!

I’m afraid we can’t in general share information about institutions that are using Dorico without their express permission.

An official one is the Berklee College of Music. In the linked course, is stated in the 3rd paragraph:

…The course will guide them through the fundamentals of orchestration to the preparation of a full score to industry standards in the software program Dorico


I think the European Film Scoring Academy officially uses Dorico too, right? IIRC.

Thanks so much, all. Very appreciated!

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