Unknown Crash - Fixed

This is a fix for a crash that seemed to have no real cause, no error message, and no available resource to diagnose the problem. Nuendo literally just stopped working, and produced a prompt that informed you Nuendo had encountered a problem, and will now shut down.

During a session that contained many tracks and many plug-ins, crashing occurred VERY frequently. Almost immediately at times once the session opened, and sporadically at other random moments - for example - moving the play cursor, playing back a region, or even as simple as opening a folder.

Attempts to fix this ranged from installing a 32-bit version of Nuendo, deleting video files, changing video formats, deleting possible problematic plug-ins, splitting the session into multiple sessions to clear up CPU and memory resources, disabling tracks, and more.

What seemed to be the issue is the elastique pro algorithm. A colleague of mine made the astute observation, from a very similar problem he had a few months back, that when he changed the algorithm to standard - solo from elastique, the problem ceased.

This fix worked for me.

What it seems is that if you have your media pool instantiated with this particular algorithm, you may encounter this problem depending upon how heavy you are using time and pitch stretching. Regardless if you are in 64 bit or 32 bit Nuendo.

I wanted to share this so that no other poor soul has to rake their sanity over the hot coals of such an un-diagnosed issue.

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Windows 7, 24gb RAM, i7, Nuendo 5.5.3