Unknown function

Can anyone identify the speaker symbol I have circled in yellow. If I tap it during editing, the symbol highlights but does nothing? Is it supposed to be a “solo” function, and is there something I have to enable to be able use this function?
I suppose I could drag the window down to access the S or M buttons when required then drag the window back up, but this is clumsy time consuming procedure if used regularly.

In my Cubase days the solo button was a fast and great feature that I really miss and wish it could be added to Cubasis 3. :+1:

Hi @fixitmania53,

This is what the sound icon is for:

Sound: Turn sound on to play back selected, triggered or moved notes.


Hi Lars,
Thanks for your reply.
I did not realise the sound icon could silence a note or chords when being moved up or down, that is interesting to know, thank you.
Every day is a school day :man_student:

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