Unknown Midi part icon and instrument track glitch?

I’m not sure where I would find this info in the manual, but does anyone know what this symbol means when it appears on the top right corner of a recorded midi part? Pardon my naivete. Thanks

What is extra odd is the problem I encountered with this track that has this icon. This part will play back when the instrument is soloed. When I unsolo it, no midi is sent to the instrument on the track, and no audio. It doesn’t matter what instrument is loaded (Kontakt, Play, etc), the midi activity light will be completely dead unless the instrument is in Solo. Duplicating the track yields the same problem on the resulting track.

The only solution I found is to make a fresh new track and copy the midi data over. Either there is something I’m missing or this is a glitch.


The icon says the MIDI Part doesn’t follow transposition track. You probably disabled it in the Inspector.

The Solo is different problem. Do you use a multi-out? Do you route the out to any Group Channel? Is there any Send? Do you Solo in the project or in the MixConsole?