RUNNING Windows 7, i7, CUBASE 6

Something I’ve been seeing in tutorial films that use Pro Tools is that in Pro Tools you can drag invidual tracks around in the mixer.
I know that we have handles to move around the Master Channels. I 'd like to know if we can do this in the mixer with Stereo Outputs tracks, and if so what would be the preference (if that’s what it is) that activates this.
I’ve also enviously watched these guys in these videos duplicate EQ, GATE etc settings from one channel in the mixer to all the mixer tracks with a single key stroke, some form of a “shift” click, rather then the alt drag one channel at a time that I use.
Are either of these two things available to us in Cubase, and if so what is the Cubase terminology for them , as I want to activate it.
thanks in advance—

Not quite what you’re after but…

Cubase 6 only !!
Operations affecting selected channels: You can add or remove a VST plug-in to or from all selected channels at once by holding down [Shift]-[Alt]/[Option] and selecting the desired plug-in from any of the insert effect slots. With the same key combination you can also activate/deactivate effects or toggle their Bypass state. For Send Routing use this key combination to route all selected tracks into a FX- or Group-Channel, to activate/deactivate a Send slot or toggle their Pre-Fader state.

+1 for dragging channels in the mixer. Their order can be changed in the project window but I think it’d be v.useful to have this in the mixer too.

As the previous poster said, a key combination will change routings for multiply selected channels.

But, I’d love to see a ‘send to New Group…’ option in the groups list like the auxs option in PT. It’s just so easy to select some channels and create the aux on the fly - and the aux even turns up next to the selected channels, a very well thought out implementation I think.

To copy all of a channel’s settings click on the channel in the mixer, press Ctrl-c (or your equivalent), select the destination channel, press Ctrl-v. This copies everything including fx, pan, EQ, volume etc.