(Unless I've missed it) Can Cubase please allow groups of 5/7/11 in the MIDI editor?

Hi there,

Can please Cubase allow to have quintuplets, septuplets, groups of 11 ( I know it can be 2 x 5 etc, just saying) in the MIDI (and of course, the score editor) as they are used extremely often in orchestral music?..Please???

What do mean precisely? Tuplets? Of course. Several ways.

Are you using Cubase Pro?

Have you looked at the Score manual? Score Layout and Printing

Indeed, I mean 16th quintuplets in a quarter note, for instance.

I cannot find a way as of how to do that.

Writing triplets is fine of course.

Yes I am on Cubase pro 11

Many thanks!

Here is a gif showing how to proceed in the score editor:


You can find the Tuplets dialog From the Scores menu, “Build N-Tuplet…”.

Thanks so much!

Is there something equivalent on the MIDI editor?

Many thanks!

I am afraid not.

I think this needs to change, a lot of people write with MIDI and it’s about time to implement this function.

I don’t think it’s asking for a massive upgrade to the editing process.