Unlicensed products showing in "My products" (Download Assistant)

I have bought just Cubase Pro 12 and no other products.

I thought that the “My products downloads” section of the Download Assistant was meant to show, as available downloads, only the products and upgrades that I can use with my C12 license.

However, when I select the “Cubase Pro 12” icon in that section, the list shows also paid products that I did not purchase and which, therefore, even if downloaded and installed, I could not use.
I can see, for example, “SpectraLayers 9.0.20 - Application”, but nothing in the window (as far as I can see) tells me that product can not be used with my license.
So, if I didn’t already know, from another source, that SpectraLayers requires a separate license, I could easily download and install it; only later, at launch time, I would be… warned about the missing license and the consequent uselessness of the whole installation.

Is the DA actually expected to behave in such a… deceptive way?
Is there a way to make it show, in the “my products” section, only the products which are actually “mine”?
Or, at least, a way to make it show or highlight the difference between products that are licensed and those that are not?

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So you don’t want the capability of using the Spectralyers ONE which is the restricted version of the full SL’s but FREE with Cubase 12 ?
Yes you get a FREE version of Spectralayers which is all contained in the same download so it’s not deceptive , it’s up to you if you choose to use SL ONE extension or not . but it’s there , FREE with your C12 licence

It would be better if the section synced with the SAM, since indeed the SDA does not ‘know’ which licenses are owned by the logged in user. SB has said they will combine it with the SAM eventually.

It can be used though, and is launched as “Spectralayers One”.

Everything in the Cubase Pro 12 tab is included with the Cubase Pro 12 license, that much is simple and clear.

There is a slight mistake in the download assistant as it should read “Spectral Layers One 9.0.20”.
However, this is included in your Cubase Pro 12 license, so feel free to go ahead, download and install it.
Just note: It is the lite version of Spectral Layers, though. Several features from the full version are missing.

Thanks everybody for your answers.

If “Spectral Layers One" had been written there, then I would have had no doubts, because I know that the (much) “light” version is included in the C12 license.

Glad to know it is a mistake, anyway.

Or maybe, since the far more powerful Spectralayers 10 has recently been released, Steinberg decided to include the full Spectralayers 9 in the Cubase 12 Pro license?