Unlimited bars

Hi everyone!

I want to write a little cadence in my music, but is there any way I can make the chosen bar unlimited with a flexible duration? Like this example from Scheherazade.

You can use a hidden tuplet for the first bar, open meter for the next ones… What’s the real problem?

Or use an open time signature, with barlines input as and when you need them?

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Hi @leonthomsen,
Yes, you can achieve this in an easy way.
I did recreate the example given by you in order to show you how to achieve the desired result.

Just you need to calculate how much space you will need in order to extend the bar. In the example above it is equal to 4/4,10

Here is the topic in the documentation:

The default nota brevis in Bravura is a rectangle, so I used the Notehead settings > Circled Noteheads.

There is another way to extend the bar as much as you would like, just it wont work with notes like brevis, longa, maxima… it won’t show them in their traditional for, but like tied notes. Unfortunately Force Duration doesn’t work here.

The second method is by using the Isert mode like in the video below:

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Thurisaz :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the responds. I’m sorry I wasn’t really clear, but I fixed the problem. I just put together a lot of time signatures in one bar and hided the time signature afterwards. So like this: