Unlimited insert slots

Dear Cubase,
Please add unlimited insert slots. Just like ableton
Thank you

Just out of curiosity: what would you do with them all?

Unlimited would need some sort of reorganizing the mixer window.

While I don’t think I’ve ever run out of slots, I know some people have different creative processes. Maybe Steinberg could introduce some kind of ‘meta’ plugin that lets you build your own plugin chain and then allow you to save presets. (tho I guess this already exists?)

It depends on the sound source. Some might be autotmated and not be on all the time.

Yeah there are plugins like KSHMR chain that do that but it would be nice to have the option of having unlimited plugins

I can highly recommend Waves StudioRack. It’s free.
It gives you 8 slots for VST3 plugins. A slot can also be used as a parallel split (up to 8 splits) or multiband frequency split (up to 5 bands). In addition, it has 8 macro knobs that each can control multiple parameters in a clever way. It does not support VST 2.x plugins however.

You can also route a track to a Group or FX channel and have more plugins…
or Maybe 24 Inserts would be enough for everyone no need to have 500…

Yeah I’m aware of that! :slight_smile:

That’s what I usually do but it’s not practical to keep doing that. I’d be hapy if we could at least have 40 insert slots.

We’re just curious to see your workflow (screenshots) and understand if there is any rationality to using so many inserts for your own productions.

Of course you’re free to play as you wish, without a doubt, I fully accept we all have our ways to entertain ourselves :smiley: