unlink and re-link stereo audio file

HI there,

Was looking for a way to do what was a very easy operation with the track link/unlink tool in Soundscape, namely to unlink a stereo file into separate L and R channels, then re-link later, without having to export or bounce.

Reason for this is that I often double track guitar parts and then feed them into a stereo channel with a stereo instance of Guitar Rig. If I record several takes (either mono or stereo), I can comp the takes into two takes and link them on one stereo channel. That way, not only is it less CPU intensive with just one stereo track and one instance of Guitar Rig, I can easily tweak the left and right channels of Guitar Rig in one window. But so far can’t see any easy way of doing this.

Any suggestions?


If you want to use GR as a dual mono effect rather than stereo then I’d put GR into an FX track and connect to it from the outputs of the audio tracks.
Since Cubase works with stereo files (or a single mono file) on stereo tracks you would otherwise have to do a mixdown of your two tracks, hard panned L/R just like you say.
Some programs visually merges together two mono files to create a stereo track instead and that would be a benefit in your situation.


Hiya and thanks for the tip about put GR into and FX track… that could be an interesting solution, though would definitely prefer the way of visually linking (or unlinking) two mono takes to make one stereo one.

Never mind!