Unlink text frames in duplicated layouts

I’m having the need to use the new Duplicate Layouts feature in Dorico 4 for one of the first times this morning, and I’m running into a frustration with text frames.

I’m making alternate versions of an assignment for my music theory students, and I want to change certain things about the instructions, which are in a text frame (override, not in the master page). However, I’m finding that editing this text in a frame in one layout is changing the corresponding frame in the other layouts as well. I understand why this might be desirable in many workflows, but it’s almost never what I would want, nor is it how I would expect this feature to behave. This would make sense for music frames, since they’re filled by flows, but text frames don’t have the same content/presentation separation (at least not in a way that is user-transparent).

Is there a way to turn off the link between corresponding text frames in different duplicated layouts?

Unfortunately, there is no simple, direct command to unlink frames. The only way to do it is to delete and re-create the frame in the page template. Such a command would be a welcome addition, of course.

Huh. This is a real bummer since frames can’t be copy-pasted, and I’d really like them to be uniform across all the variations of this layout. And there’s also no indication anywhere that they are linked, which caused me to lose a couple hours of work early this morning.