Unlink timeline and edit selection?

This one is driving me nuts!

Is there any way (like Pro Tools) to unlink the transport timeline position and the edit selection? I’ve got my cursor in the timeline where I want to start when I hit the spacebar. I double click on a region to bring up the Key Editor and the transport jumps to the beginning of that region. I hit play and I’m not where I want to be.

Can’t seem to find anything in Preferences or the manual. Hope I’m missing something.



Preferences: Editing / Link Editors


That half works. It will maintain the transport position in the project window only if the region you double-click is already selected. If you double-click a region that’s not selected, it will reset the transport position to the beginning of that region.

That feels like a bug to me, but maybe this is some behavior that other folks rely on? Doesn’t really make sense to me.


Off the top of my head: maybe you have edit mode turned on? Could you check it under Transport menu?

Yes, I definitely have edit mode turned on. It’s always on. I wouldn’t want to have to get used to turning it off and on hundreds of times a day. And yes, it works almost correctly when edit mode is off.

With edit mode off, you can get into the key editor with the transport unchanged, but if you switch edit mode on to adjust something to picture in there, the transport location will update. What I want is an edit mode that moves picture while I’m editing but leaves the transport where I left so I can audition that change in context.

Since I can’t have edit mode and unlinked edit and timeline selections I’ll now say this is a missing feature not a bug. It’s entirely possible to do this in Pro Tools because PT has distinct notions for transport location and edit location. It seems like N5 does not.

And really, the feature is not about “link editors” preference. It’s about leaving the transport in the same place no matter what kind of other editing is taking place.

Thanks for helping me understand it.


Hi Jason!

Would be just great if it work like you wish!


I absolutley agree, kinda like where you last played from becomes a return point for the play head whenever the mouse button (or controller button) is released - maybe this should be the behaviour when ‘return to start position on stop’ is ticked on. This would leave the current behaviour for when that pref is unchecked…

Food for thought anyways…

On the same topic, I’d also suggest that SB have a look at the Dynamic Transport feature in Pro Tools. It helps solve a related problem that I often have in Nuendo: it’s too easy to lose your left and right locate points. There really should be some way to lock these and still navigate on the timeline without the danger of accidentally resetting one or the other. Unless you had the forethought to mark them with a cycle marker, it can be a real pain to get them put back where you had them. And sometimes I accidentally move one without noticing until much later than I should.


This inconsistent behaviour of edit mode / non edit mode has been brought up millions of times on the old forum as well as on nuendo-post.com.

My #1 annoyance with Nuendo.