Unlinking dynamics?


I copied some bars with dynamics from Violin I to Violin II, because both play the same notes. So far so good. But the dynamics shall be different, but they seem to be linked so when I change one, all at the same measure get changed. This could be a very helpful feature.
But is there a way to un-link these elements?

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There is not yet a way to unlink them, I’m afraid, but commands to link and unlink dynamics are a high priority and should (barring any disasters) be part of the release following 1.0.30.

Hi Daniel,

that’s great news!
I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the release :slight_smile:

As well I hope that you had time to work further on the performance. Currently I have a score with about 80 systems (20 percussions) and 50 pages and the note entering become sluggish. I assume that having the possibility to disable the sound output would improve the system throughput.

Please go on!

Thanks and regards, Felix

although the update 1.2 was released, I couldn’t figur out, if this problem was solved.
I have a sheet with two saxophones, who seem to be still linked in their dynamics (see picture). Is there a already solution?

Thanks in advance and regards
linked dynamics.JPG

Those commands were indeed added in Dorico 1.1 in June. See Edit > Dynamics > Unlink Dynamics.

Thank you very much, Daniel!

FYI - I was pulling my hair out the other day as dynamics in an untouched part of my score were changing and I had no idea why. Seemed there was some linking to a dynamic in a measure far earlier in the score. Be aware and heed the visual clues about linked dynamics to avoid wasted time and unintended consequences in your scores.

how can we heed, what are the visual cues?

Color (blue?)

thank you Derrek!

sounds like a film/movie :wink:

Grouped Dynamics = blue
Linked Dynamics = also blue?

I will have to look it up…