Unlinking dynamics

I’m editing a large wind band score. The composer had linking turned on in Preferences, and there are quite a number of issues with linking, resulting in duplicate dynamics and missing dynamics. In particular, I find “Remove from group” often results in dynamics either disappearing, or random multiplied dynamics suddenly appearing.

I can grant this is partly due to errors in the composer’s workflow for inputting dynamics, but it’s very unsettling to edit a large score. I’m always concerned that changes to linking/grouping may result in changes in other staves that are easily missed in the editing process.

For me, Duplicate to Staff Below (with a shortcut) has superseded the linking function, so I always turn it off in my own scores.

So this is a request, I guess, regarding the reliability of this behavior. But here’s my question: if I select all dynamics in the entire score and Unlink, is this a 100% safe function? That is, will all dynamics remain where they were input, and it’ll only remove the linking?


Since I’ve not unlinked 100% of scores, I can’t guarantee. However, I’ve not yet lost anything by unlinking.

Certainly there are no known bugs whereby unlinking dynamics will cause any to be deleted, but if you encounter any problems like that, please be sure to provide a reproducible case and we will fix it forthwith.

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Thanks Daniel, I shall venture forth and report back!

I unlinked dynamics in a large wind band score of about 500 measures. Seems to be fine!

Edit: Nope. Select all, filter-select dynamic, Unlink does not unlink all dynamics vertically. I’m still getting unusual behavior. I had to press on, so after several iterations I managed to unlink everything, and now it’s fine.

Yes, you need to apply the unlink dynamics command (I’ve made myself a key command) several times in order to get rid of every link, be it vertical or horizontal. At least, this is the feeling I have about it.