Unlinking Insert Read/Write Automation?

I don’t know if this is a change or a preference but…

The Read automation for all inserts on a track seem to be linked to one another. IOW: clicking ‘R’ on Insert 3 activate ‘Read’ on -all- inserts. I can see why that may be useful but… usually not for me. Is there a preference or key command which unlinks them so that hitting ‘R’ -only- affects a single insert?


Sounds like another change…

[EDITED - however, after reading @thinkingcap response immediately below this post, maybe not… :wink: ]

Activating “R” on one insert only activates “R” on that insert here.

This depends on how you have set up the channel linking.
There is a dialogue (or should be) that asks you what you want to include in the linking - see screengrab below.
This, to my mind, is a great improvement over earlier versions

You have not even tried it before complaining…?

Not complaining; was offering support to one side of suntowers original stated conundrum. For me, as he described it, it sounded like a change… then I saw your post and changed my mind into one of no longer being sure.

Not installing C7 yet; waiting for the demo


I don’t think that’s the issue. I -think- there’s something fishy with this CPR. I have another issue with it where, selecting an event on one track selects an event on another track. Weird, but this is a production job so I don’t have time to mess about ‘testing’ for SB on it. When I’m done I’ll submit the CPR to SB if they want it.

I don’t use the Control Room thingee at all. I’ve never seen that window at all.

It’s funny. After all these years I’m an ‘expert’ at so many areas of the program, but a complete imbecile with the bits I never use—Control Room is one of them. One fear I always have with a new version is that they’ll start connecting things and I’ll have more ‘learning’ to do.