Unlocking WaveLab7 PDF, missing WaveLab6 GUI

Is there any chance to unlock the WaveLab-en-7.pdf so I could use StickyNotes the same way as in Cubase pdf?
Basically the program asks for a password when I try to change ‘Security Method’

Try to print the PDF via PDFWriter…it’s a virtual printing device made to convert everything to a PDF file.
This procedure should “unlock” the PDF file.

Btw. there are more tools like PDFWriter out there…just pick the one you like and understand.


nope, doesn’t work this way, each time I try to print it, it ends with an error.

Another annoying little thing with WaveLab 7, now I wish I stayed with version 6 which I use most of the time anyway, mainly because of the new 7 GUI. Here is my case:

  1. Still after a few good months of using it can’t get use to the difficult GUI, and trust me, I’ve tried very hard to
    like it.
  2. Can’t use tablet with it, was advised by the creator of the software to buy an extra mouse, so I have a special
    mouse for WaveLab 7 with an extra cost
  3. Can’t use the PDF the way I can with more expensive Cubase

Sorry folks but I consider the upgrade as wasted money. I hope the next version will more friendly, similar to WaveLab 6, but next time I will think twice before I buy it

Some users find it difficult but it can help if you learn about workspaces. The following might work for you.

A quick way to set up a workspace for audio file editing (for example) is to just start from empty. Close your current Audio File workspace. Create a new one with Global / New Workspace / Audio File / Factory preset: empty layout. Now put only what you need in the window (using Workspace / Specific Tool Windows or Workspace / Shared Tool Windows). Your workspace could be as simple as a display of the edit window and the Master section. When you like what you see, save this as a preset in Workspace / Layout / Save As. You may also like to make this the default layout.

This only takes a few minutes. You can now open or close whatever you like within the workspace… if you get into trouble you can always go back to the layout you saved.

You can do exactly the same procedure for an audio montage workspace.

If you want WL6 in WL7 try the following:

Close your current Audio File workspace.
Create a new one with Global / New Workspace / Audio File / Factory preset: empty layout.
Open a single audio file in the empty workspace and maximise this window.
Open the Master section from Workspace / Shared Tool Windows.
Dock the Master section to the left of the Edit window (for example)
In Workspace / Command bars, de-activate ‘Central Switcher bar’
Save the layout using Workspace / Layout/ Save As
In Options / Global preferences / Display, de-activate ‘show icons in menus’ and ‘use floating window switcher’
Quit Wavelab and re-launch.

You can do a similar procedure for an audio montage workspace.