unmapped ports/ no sound in pc after using Cubase


I have Cubase LE 8 running on a Lenovo all in one pc (i5, 8gb ram), and use a Scarlett solo soundcard.
The problem I’m having is that If I get sound in Cubase, when I turn Cubase off I have no sound (despite all the settings in device manager being correct, and the pc saying that it is using my soundcard) OR, I get no sound in Cubase.
Currently, when I boot up Cubase and try to open a new project, I get the message Microphone high definition In Unmapped, and when I click on this it says ‘unconnected’ and I can choose inputs 1 and 2. If I then get sound in Cubase, when I exit the program, the only way I can get sound on my pc is by uninstalling then reinstalling the drivers for my soundcard. Can anyone help my understand the nature of this issue? The frustrating thing is that all the basic setting in both cases seem to be correct so I assume that this is something to do with ports,and I’m struggling to understand what this means and how to fix it.
Many thanks,

Hi and welcome,

I would expect this is a driver issue. Contact Focusrite, please.

You could also try to use ASIO4ALL instead of the native driver.