Unmix. Did SL Pro 8 improve upon SL Pro 7 for Unmix Stems?

It seems that the Unmix Stems feature was added in SLP7.
And it’s been well received in version 8.
Does anyone know: are there improvements in SPP8 compared to v.7? (I haven’t found any comparisons)

I don’t know why people ask for opinions about SL8 features when a demo is available for download. Run the demo and judge the quality of the unmix feature yourself.

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If you don’t want to be helpful you don’t have to reply to questions you don’t like.

My question actually wasn’t about the general features of SL8. It was specifically about whether the Unmix Stems feature had been modified or improved since v.7.

Anyway, I was able to test it out yesterday. And, from another helpful person on YouTube, was able to confirm that the UnMix feature in versions 7 and 8 are identical: no changes, they null.
Maybe this will help someone else here.