Unmix vocals + 8 instruments - will SL Pro be updated to achieve this?

Hi Robin,

And a happy new year! In my Facebook feed I just came across an ad for this online unmix service:

They claim to be able to unmix vocals and 8 instruments. Will SL Pro be updated soon with matching capabilities? I really would love to be able to unmix (or rather debleed, but the current implementation of debleed is much too involved for me to even begin using it) sax, flute and electric guitar.



I did all of this using Spectralayers and few techniques


Hi @Magnus_N I can’t disclose much at this point but you can expect more unmixing capabilities with the next release :slight_smile:


Hello Robin - sounds promising.!

Though - thanks for posting those TikTok vids above @Unmixing - I can tell there’s still the ‘issue’ in SL Pro 9 (am only at Elements 9) with those horrible comb-filter type flanging/ringing, whistling, resonance ‘artifacts’ happening, heard whenever a layer is soloed.

Any thoughts about adding in some extra core functionality/tool which the user could tweak to help eliminate, lessen, filter or smooth-out, such glitches.?

Maybe the ‘complaint’ is more to do with the Spleeter tech itself and there’s little can be done… maybe its about the type of material chosen (though there is quite a nice variety in those TikTok vids).

Anyway, remembering past demoing of SL Pro, anything that can be done to help avoid the often needed separate round of post-processing of results, dealing specifically with artifacts, outside of SL, would be a very good move.!

(PS: maybe the abilities are there in ‘SL Pro’ already and only cursory attention was given to producing the above set of videos - more to demo a range (number) of ‘unmix’ layers across a variety of material).

That can easily be denoised. Also an underated feature that I use a lot is casting which allows me to use other layers to carve out a layer which gives me a much cleaner layer (without interpolation or reconstruction of the audio). I just left it that way because the point wasn’t to demonstrate good quality sounding layers, it was more-or-so to demonstrate that you can indeed unmix complex audio using spectralayers.

Also thanks for acknowledging the tiktok videos and I am glad you were able to view and see and hear the results/demos for yourself. Some people just dont seem to understand that youtube isnt a viable option anymore and whats worst is those people are living under a rock and believe that youtube still works the same way as it did 10 years ago and believe that you can still take content from youtube and upload it as your own (as if there is no such thing as copyright content ID). Also, yes! The goal was to use a variety of audio material to demonstrate how powerful spectralayers pro 9 is.

I’m not aware of any specific plans to update the SL Pro software with vocal and instrument separation capabilities. However, it is possible that the developers of the software may add this feature in the future. I would suggest checking the developer’s website or contacting them directly for more information.

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@anon85251350 If you look in this thread Robin Lobel is the main creator of Spectra Layers, and gave us a hint of what’s to come possibly.

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Yeah? how about in an update ?

Better and more mature AI based algorithms are very welcome indeed.
However these will most surely be shared along similar software.

What could be very relevant upgrades imho are those still dreamed new selection tools and related features that would take advance of the interplay of a very able multitrack editing platform and the already provided tools, hopefully providing higher customization, action repetition (via macros, scripting or user requested specific functions).

With Spectralayers I learnt quite early one, that one could not really wait for the software to provide a one knob tool to achieve the sound extractions I would want.
At recent versions, I have opened to welcome better tools and to achieve and discover improved results by the interaction of these tools.

That said, new dedicated functions to tie selections (manual + AI assisted), to operationalize what good scripts could do and more so to bring to life some interesting features already requested by fellow users… all facilitating multiple ways of unlayering, regrouping, selecting, repasting, repairing and applying creative actions in our dear waveforms… All this is very much welcome and Spectralayers is at the best position by far to deliver such advances.