Unmixing guitar vocal with SL10 pro vs SL9 (bundled w cubase)

Hi all,
I need to unmix about a dozen guitar/vocal tracks so I can tune the vocal and remix. I just did one with the free version of SL that comes with Cubase 12. It works really well, except there are enough traces of voice in the guitar track that it creates a lot of artifacts and phasing when I mix the tuned vocal track back with the guitar. I had to do a lot of tedious manual cleanup in RX to remove voice traces in the guitar.

1 - will I get better separation with SL10 pro?
2 - any suggestions for a fast way to remove those voice traces in the guitar?
3 - is manual editing in spectral mode in SL similar to RX?

Thanks in advance!

You should because one of the new features in 10 is specifically to unmix Guitars


  1. Yes, definitely.
  2. Fast way : in SL Pro 9 and SL Pro 10 there’s Process > De-Bleed
  3. Yes, but you’ll have more brush options in SL as well as realtime visual feeedback.

Thanks, this is encouraging. Now I’m just waiting for approval from the crossgrade fairies.