Unmute your track before freezing

I have just started using the ‘freeze instrument track’ option (the snowflake in the inspector).
Really great option, in other DAWs I know you have to ‘commit’ your track to an audio track and do this manually.

Accidently I had a track muted when I froze it, and it had no sound.
At first this seemed not logical to me, but as mlindeb pointed out, there could be mute automation on the track, so the rendered file has to take that into account.

Just need to pay attention when you freeze.

Do you mean, if you hit the mute button on the track panel (M/S) before freezing will mute the freezed track forever, even if you unmute or solo it afterwards? Gonna check that, as this sounds like a bug to me.

No I mean when it is muted at the time of freezing, it will render a silent track.
Mute unmute afterwards works fine, which leads me to think that the mute state should not matter for the freeze action.

What is a small bug, it that the hover text of the mute button still says ‘freeze’ on a frozen track, while the action is ‘unfreeze’.

Yes but freezing a track renders it.
Using render in place or export on a muted track doesn’t work either, it will result in a silent file.

There could also be Mute automation on the track you’re freezing.
Best to leave it as is if you ask me and leave the responsibility to check the tracks to the user.

That’s a good point, had not thought of that!