Unnecessarily deselect category in Halion SSE3

Hi, all!

Look at pictures bellow! If I (and suppose lot of people) am playing and composing and searching for instruments, I don’t see nonexistent borders where I can click with mouse. So, If you quickly click and release mouse button on a category column (with no borders), the category selection popup brings up un you accidentally select “None” category. Therefore selected instrument disappears from selected category.

I think that category selection popup should be opened after mouse button released. Programmatically it sounds - onMouseRelease, but not onMouseClick. In that case user should release mouse button and then click on category he needed to change for selected instrument.

Picture with mouse not clicked yet, but positioned on category column:

And picture with mouse button not released:

Maybe it happens only on small monitors and popup pops up in upper region of mouse position. But anyway it happens accidentally. Then I should search missing instrument in root list, if I remember a name of it.

So I chose none and didn’t remember the name, what should I do?

So, let’s say it is Hypnotic Dance Instrument set and you select Synth Pad in the Category list to show only synth pads. Then you accidentally removed Synth Pad category from preset by choosing None in popup menu. Next - deselect Synth Pad from Category list. You will see all presets. Then change order to Category (click on Category tab header to place an order mark (triangle)) and you will see presets without category first. If all your presets has been categorized, then you will see only that one which you just removed from this category. Click right mouse again and select a category. That’s all!