Unnecessary Player Labels in Condensing

Hi all,

apologies if that has been asked before, I couldn’t find anything on my forum search.

I have the problem that I end up with a lot of unneccessary player labels in condensed staves as can be seen in the attached file in bar 3. I know I can hide them manually but maybe there is an option that allows me to hide all of such occurances in general that I just haven’t found yet.

Happy to provide a file if needed but I have the feeling it might just be one setting that I’m missing.
Dorico 3.5 by the way

Thanks in advance!

Hi Robin !
Yes, this has already been asked for. The politics here is that this is a quite complicated field, and the devs prefer that we hide the too many labels rather than having missing labels. The scores are unambiguous, at least.

Thank you Marc! I had a hunch that this topic might have come up before here. Thanks for the clarification.


On the face of it I agree that label is redundant, and I’d be interested to get a look at the project to find out why Dorico thinks a label should appear there. Could you chop down your project to a small example for, say, just the horns in that passage that still reproduces the problem and attach it here?

Hi Daniel,
thanks for joining in.

Here you go.
condensing.dorico.zip (668 KB)

Thanks, we’ll look into this.