unnecessary rests in lower parts

Hello Dorico users
Sorry if this is basic, but I’m afraid I still haven’t got the hang of how to get rid of unnecessary rests in lower parts.
In bb. 9, 12, & 17 of the attached piece there are unwanted half-note rests in the pno LH. I can’t hide them or git rid of them. I’ve tried “Starts voice” but it won’t accept it. And I’ve tried “Ends voice” on the previous downstem note, but it won’t accept that either.
Tu m’invita.zip (376 KB)
Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?

Have you tried selecting the rests (or the passage) and going Edit > Remove Rests? That sets the relevant starts voice and ends voice properties in one fell swoop.

Thanks Leo, I wasn’t aware of that option. Works great.